Is it safe to hook up two CPU fans to the CPU fan header?

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I'm thinking of getting a Noctua NH-D14 for my Phenom II X6. I'm running an MSI 890FXA-GD70 motherboard. My question is if it would be safe to use the Y-splitter included with the cooler and hook up both its fans to the CPU header?

My gut feeling says "Sure!" but I've given it some deeper thought. Here's what I'm thinking: My motherboard CPU header supposedly has a max current of 1,12 A (there isn't any proof of this in the manual or even elsewhere online though) and the CPU fans, an NF-P12 (0,09 A input current) and an NF-P14 (0,1 A input current), would hog about 0,2 A at a maximum together. That's 2,4 W, compared to the CPU headers 13,44 W. Should be safe right? Or am I completely wrong here?
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  1. The problem isn't the fans running current but the startup current which can be much higher. I bel;eive you will be fine as the setup would need to draw over5 times the running current.
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