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So, I am new (new, as in I haven't even done it yet) into the world of building your own computer. That being said, I am super excite to give it a shot. Since I've started looking into it, I've wondered if I could build systems for other people too. So, my dad owns a small business and he has two computer based registers, a paint computer, an office computer and a server. So, I started looking to see how inexpensive I could build a system for a few of the simpler computers in the store. It was at this point I realized I knew much less than I thought... (big surprise). So my question really boils down to this, can you put a newer intel chip (i5 3450 in this case) into an H61 motherboard? I'm sure that's a really stupid question, but I like the perks of the newer i5 but the prices of the H61 mobo's. I'll give you my current specs on a build, but I am looking for ways of making it cheaper. Thanks guys!

CPU: i5 3450 (alternative i3 2125)
Mobo: ASRock H77M-ITX
Ram: Kingston HyperX 8gb (alternative Crucial Ballistix 4GB)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB (alternative WD Caviar 500GB)
Drive: Samsung DVD-R Slim
PSU: Athena 300 Mini-itx
Case: Prodigy Mini-ITX

Anywhere I have an alternative, that is obviously a cheaper option I would leave up to my dad to choose. Really, my only requirement in this build is cost effectiveness. But my main question is about the H61 vs H77 vs all the other ones etc...

Thanks again!
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    If the motherboard is compatible, yes. The h61 chipset supports ivy bridge. A bios update may be required.

    A typical office computer doesn't need more than 2 GB of ram, 4 is the high end. 8 is wasted. Same with the harddrive, 120GB is usually more than plenty. Quad cores are also a waste. Even an i3 is probably overkill
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