Thinking of using my 1080p 42 inch tv as a monitor.

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I was wondering if using my tv as the monitor for my gaming homebuild. It's a 42inch 1080p screen. The rig I'm building is as follows

I5 3570k (running at 4.3-4.5ghz)
GTX 670
Asrock z77 extreme4

Will this setup be ok for gaming on a big screen or should I only use it as a temporary monitor and save up for a 3d monitor?
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  1. i would be the same as using it on any smaller monitor, it is still considered the same resolution. the only issue with using a high resolution on a tv that big is it will be hard to see lettering on the screen if left at default, i use 720P for my desktop, and will sometimes switch sames to 1080 if the hud or words are not too small in game.
  2. Should be no problems, just...
    Check the TV will connect to your chosen graphics card. Most have HDMI connectors, but t's a wonderful world and you never know ;)
    If the TV is HDCP compliant, drop a Blu-ray drive into the system rather than a DVD, the extra cost is fairly small these days and it'll give you the godness of hi-def movies.
    Remember to sit a reasonabe distance away.
    Screen size is not what matters, but resolution, a 1920x1080 display takes the same amount of work from the computer to drive, whether it's 19 or 42 inches in size.
  3. Cool. Thanks for the quick response. I'm now thinking of having the hdmi output into my tv and the normal setup with a smaller monitor as well.
  4. The 670 can handle multiple monitors, quite a few out ther are using dual or triple monitor setups so if you have any problems yoiu know where to come.
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