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  1. the Acer V3-771G with the i7-3610M is the best deal. i7 is a true quad (laptop i5s are hyperthread dual cores), while the i5s are dual-core
  2. Well one reason why I wouldn't buy it is because the optical drive is for blu-ray, and I would like to have a normal DVD/RW.
    Otherwise I suppose that the ASUS G55VW-S1020V would be a better deal than the MSI GE70 0NC-010NE, right?
  3. that makes no sense. Its a Blu-Ray combo drive, so it'll play blu-ray, and play and burn DVDs and CDs.

    the Asus has a 660M to the 650M of the others, but I'm not sure thats worth the 2000 difference between the Acer and the Asus. The MSI is DVD only, and otherwise identical to the Acer models, for the same or more money.
  4. Agree with ScrewySqrl, the ASUS is better but the Acer gives the best balance of value and performance.
  5. Thanks for the answers.

    But I have one more question.
    What would you choose between the ACER laptop and this one? :D :D :D
  6. Assuming it's the same laptop in this review:

    Which i can't be sure of, I'd probably go with the dell as you get a small SSD which will be nice on a day to day basis, although it does seem to have a short battery life
  7. As far as I know the one I linked doesn't has any SSD and about the battery life I don't care. If I'm going to use it for gaming I'm going to have it plugged in all the time.
  8. I till say the Acer. 1920x1080 screen vs 1600x900
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