upgrading my 955 BE for eyefinity?

hey guys. i'm currently on deployment and planning up grading my rig in a few weeks. I want to get 2 more 24" monitors to complete my eyefinity setup and i mostly play WoW. question is, will my 955 BE be able to handle it? i'm also using a radeon 6770 with i'm pretty sure i'll have to upgrade as well. i also don't want to spend an overkill amount of money on a new GPU, but enough to get decent-good raid FPS in wow in eyefinity.thanks!

AMD 955 BE
radeon 6770
am3 biostar mobo
12 gb corsair ddr3
corsair 650 watt psu
corsair H70 cooling
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  1. what is the exact model of your motherboard?

    if it has a second at least 8x PCIe slot, a second 6770 should allow eyefinity. if not, you'll probly want to replace the GPU (7970, GTX 670)

    also if you haven't, overclocking your 955 to 3.6-4.0 GHz will help as well.
  2. If your 6770 has display port you won't need a new card.You're processor will work. Heck,even a single core Athlon would work.
  3. well, not for gaming
  4. i'm currently out to sea right now so i can't really get the exact model( i had to buy it off craigslist due to my ASUS M4A78T-E crapping out on me) i know it does support crossfire though. so you think crossfire 6770's will be enough for eyefinity gaming in wow?
  5. ^At medium would do decently. It's worth a try before $500 on a card/processor upgrade.
  6. Keep in mind that you cannot run eyefinity and crossfire at the same time in Dx11 mode. And you get better performance in dx11. I would sell your 6770 and get a 660 ti for wow 3 monitor gaming. Nvidia cards work better with wow.
  7. hmmm, i thought wow support eyefinity and crossfire in dx11 as long as it was in full window mode
  8. Eyefinity will work in Full Window, but crossfire requires Full Screen. So they cannot work together.,3162-9.html
  9. ah, ok. i got it now. then i'll have to look into the 660 then. how would my 955 hold up? would it even effect it?
  10. 955 will be fine, especially overclocked
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    955 would work with a 660ti,no worries.
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