Radeon 6950 Black screen after driver installation.

I recently built my first rig, an AMD PC. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on the brand new hard drive, and everything was going smoothly. I installed the updates and such, but when I got around to installing the graphics card drivers, straight from the disc, I found that when I rebooted my computer, my monitor began displaying that there was no connection after the Windows loading stuff, before the login screen. I tried booting into low-res mode, but I still get the black screen.

The only "solution" I've found so far is to boot into safe mode and uninstall the drivers. I've done this several times using drivers from AMD's website, the latest and older ones, etc. Still doesn't work.

My specs:

MSI Twin Frozr II Radeon 6950 2GB Edition
FX 4100 at stock clocks for now
Corsair 600w PSU

I've speculated that it may be the monitor I'm using, since it doesn't go up to full 1080p (the one I'll be using for my rig is on it's way), but if that were the case, wouldn't booting into low res mode work? The monitor's connected to the card via an HDMI cord.
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  1. Thanks for all the helpful replies, but someone can close this. I connected my rig to my massive 1080p TV in my living room, worked just fine. So it is just the low quality monitor I'm using, which will be fixed when my new monitor gets here tomorrow.
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