What is wrong with my computer?

I have not use this Desktop for 2 months, yesterday i reinstalled the window, everything worked fine, i turned it off because it does not have any wireless card and could not plug to the router since it is so far away. So i waited till today, i bought the Wireless USB, i turned the system on, but nothing show on the monitor. Everything seem fine, all the fans are running, the graphic card is running, does not look like it has any problem, but it just did not show anything on the monitor. I checked the monitor, it worked fine, all the cabel are tired. What could be the problem? The only thing i can think off right now is that the CPU is dead. What do you guys think ?
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  1. Have you tried turning it on without the wireless USB stick in the machine?
  2. yeah, i havent plug it in yet
  3. Does your monitor display anything, a message that there is no XXX signal maybe? Check to be sure you didn't accidentally switch the monitor to the wrong input. How is it connected, HDMI, DVI, VGA?
  4. VGA to monitor, and DVI to graphic card
  5. it say no VGA signal
  6. Do you have a discrete graphics card or are you using the built-in graphics? You must be using a DVI to VGA adaptor at the PC end of the connection, yes?
  7. I am using a GTX 460 from NVIDIA. the cabal is a VGA cabal, i plug one side into a DVI then from that DVI to graphic card, the other side of the cabal is still a VGA, and i plug that VGA to monitor. I tried to take off the graphic card, unplug the DVI from the VGA cabal then connect the monitor directly to the motherboard and it still does not work.
  8. Are you saying you removed the card and connected the monitor directly to the motherboard graphics via its VGA connector? And the monitor works, but says no VGA signal? If so, it almost sounds like the chipset has failed.
  9. Ok, you need to provide more info about the components. This could be a lot of things.

    I have seen this on a board with Integrated graphics but using a discrete card. It was outputing signal on the IGP instead of the card.

    I dead MB could also be the cause.

    Power supply.

    Just need a lot more info on the parts.
  10. Problem Solve. Power Supply Problem. I changed the power supply and it worked. Thank You for your time guys.

    Anyway, i would like to know the reason why this is the PSU problem? I powered the whole system, why didn't it work with the screen?
  11. The PSU outputs couple of different rails. My guess is the one powering the MB/cpu dies while the ones powering the fans still work.

    Im assuming here that by "powering up" your mean you hear the fans start up.

    Are you certain its PSU?
  12. yeah, all the fans including the CPU and GPU fans run well, but there is no signal on the monitor. I used a different graphic card, but it didn't solve, so i put in another PSU and it worked. Everything is working fine now. Updating Window.
  13. Sounds like PSU to me. And thats the one that fools a lot of people because they assume the PSU is working when the fans power up. Good job.
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