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Hey guys I was working on a computer build of mine and had a quick question. I'll be using an i5-3330. Really simple computer build, I will be playing games and such on it though. I will not be overclocking but I will be leaving the computer on for days and weeks. So I was wondering if I needed to buy and After Market cooler or if the stock fan that comes with it will be just fine?
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  1. The stock cooler is fine for non-O/C machines. When not in use the CPU idles at low power anyway.
  2. For lower noise it'll better to use after market cooler. I use i5-3470 and use non-k overclock (feature for Intel non-k processor) to get 3.6GHz and the temps rise ridiculously to 61C using stock fan. I use cheap after market cooler, Cooler Master Hyper TX3 and my CPU temps never rise above 55C now :)
  3. I recommend either way a new heatsink/fan for the cpu. Although you might not be playing high end games or overclocking with your cpu, it still brings up the heat quite a bit, especially for as long as you're wanting to keep the computer on. Also, before you DO end up buying a new heatsink/fan, see how high the temperatures are when you run it with stock. If they're in the 60's or above, then it might be time to get something new. But anything below 55C should be fine.
  4. run it with the stock fan. even with gaming, it should ever reach temps too high for its own good unless it were installed incorrectly or broken. It comes with thermal compound pre-applied as well.
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