Third Monitor (Mini Display Port, Display Port Problem)

Hey, I have got a Hd 6950(2x minidisplay port 2x DVI port 1x HDMI port) graphic cards. And I have got a three monitor. I want to active it all.

I learned to need an active minidisplay port to vga or minidisplay port to dvi cable. Here's my problem. I want to buy minidisplay port to dvi but my country doesn't have it but I can find display port to active dvi cable.

I have a minidisplay port to display port cable. If I buy Sapphire ACTİVE DP TO SL-DVİ CABLE will my third monitor work? I mean I will plug mini display port to display port cable first and after I will plug active dp to dvi cable.

Will it work? If someone help me I will be very grateful.

I have this

And I will buy this

After this processing Will my third monitor work with eyefinity?

Sorry for my English. I hope you will understand me. Take care.
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    Should work just fine. All the mini adapter does is turn it into a standard display port so there is no signal processing going on. As long as your second adapter is active you should have no problems.
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