Recieving error beeps when trying to start up new build

I have a new build with the following hardware:
ASUS P8 Z77-V LK motherboard
Intel i5-3470 3.2G 6M R
Power supply: Fatality 750W
Memory: Corsair Vengance DDR3 2 x 8GB
Kingston Hyper 120GB SSD
HDD 500GB WD5003AZEX 7K 64M

When starting the computer I recieve one short beep (indicating VGA detected/Quickboot set to disabled/No keyboard detected) then about 5 seconds later I recieve one continuous beep followed by three short beeps (indicating No VGA detected)
I have tried 3 different monitors and cables, and have erased the RTC RAM. All drives seem to spin up and all fans are running when attempting to boot. The green led light on motherboard is also lite.
I am still haveing the same error, what might be the problem? Any advice?
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  1. try with using one stick memory and try for every slot that will make it work. I have an issue similar like this with my old mobo. Its my memory that make the system not working
  2. Thank you, I tried but am still recieveing the same response each time. I used only one stick and tried all 4 slots seperately.

    Any other advice?
  3. If you sure all of cable is plugged, maybe you can try use another motherboard. Do you have friend that use intel LGA1155 socket?
  4. I am pretty sure all cables were attached. I tried many times. I do have a freind that has a mobo and will check the RAM. But if the RAM was bad would the drives still spin up?
  5. the drives will still spin even with bad memory module. If you have friend that has same socket, try all of your component with it and use your PSU to powering them. Try one component in one time and use your friends components for the other. For example, if you want to test your cpu, use your friend memory. If you want to test your memory, use your friend CPU. Test all of your components, including your SSD and HDD (test if it booting).

    If all of that working perfectly, i'm start to suspect your motherboard. Try your mobo with your friends component. Tell the result if you done it
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