CPU Cooler orientation - possible problem fitting a graphics card

Hi guys, I'm close to finishing my computer finally, just one little step to take (I hope) - the GPU (7850).

The problem is that I have two PCI-Express slots on my motherboard (Intel DBZ77BH-55K Desktop Board), one of which is positioned too close to the CPU heatsink IMO.

Apparently I have made an error while installing the Scythe Samurai ZZ, as I had to rotate it by 180° from its current position, so that the heat pipe endings are turned upwards. Since the running temperatures are very good IMO (32°C average on idle, 67°C after 6 hours of prime95), I really don't feel like re-installing the heatsink, of course, if I don't need to. Then again, if I rotate it, I will have more clearance for the GPU.

The two PCI-Express slots I have are labeled as PCIe x16 (the one closer to the CPU) and the PCIe*x16 (x8 electrical). Can I simply plug in my new graphics card into the second slot and be done with it?

Here is a picture describing my problem:

Here's an article describing the "issues" related to the heat pipe orientation...


Thank you guys in advance for any insight or opinions
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  1. Well the second PCI-E slot is a 8x so your card might not run at full speed. But from what I have read it does not make a lot a difference in real performance. As for the first slot as long as the card does not touch you should be ok since the cooler is on the other side of the card there really should be no problems.
  2. There is a tiny bit of clearance, it depends on how much does the card extrudes over the top edge of the slot, if at all.

    I think I won't be installing the card in the second slot if it is restrained by any way, thanks for that information related to slot power; I would be thinking about that theoretical lack of power all the time...

    I will check everything when I receive my graphics card, if it's too tight of a fit, I guess I will rotate the cooler, wouldn't want to have heatpipe ends too close to the PCB of the graphics card... guess I'll be testing for CPU stability once again after I rotate the cooler -.-

    Still, I find it a bit funny for the cooler to work best when it's installed contrary to Noctua instructions
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