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Hi there! Im a gaming girl, but I've got no clue about computers! So i was hoping someone could tell me a nice PC i could buy for around 800 euros. Im not going to play games that require massive graphics, and the rest of the time I will just use it for internet and so.
Thanks in advance! :hello:
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  1. wht games do u want to play
  2. I basicly just play dota 2 (from valve) and sometimes the sims, i think thats it
  3. what do u need case,power supply,montior,speakers,keyboard,mouse,case

    i thik this will doit i3 3220
    some kind of h77 motherboard
    corsair,antec 600 psu
    500 gb hdd
    windows 7
  4. Ok thanks a lot! Do u have any idea how much it would be one case already assembled with all that u said?
  5. say about 600 dollars
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