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Can you upgrade a mac pro CPUs?

Last response: in CPUs
January 10, 2013 12:12:13 AM

hi there,
i'm a little bit of a noob guys so if i say something stupid you will have to forgive me.

i was recently offered a 2009 mac pro at an attractive price however i rather not get it for the sake of just getting it.
after doing a bit of research i notice how apple's mac pros internal design change after the 2009 model. the CPU and ram for the Mac pros seem to be located on another board rather then what i would refer to as a traditionally motherboard on a PC (i think the term is logic board).
These logic boards after 2009 up till 2012 seem to detach in much the same way from the main board and (to my untrained eye) the connecting points look the same.

So my questions is, is it possible to change/upgrade these logic boards such as the 2009's (quad/6 core) to a 2012's logic board that allows you to have 2x6cores?
if not could you also explain way as i like educating myself :D 

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