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HI there!!! A couple of questions:
1-I want install Windows 8 in a HP Pavilion g series, when the Insatll Programa started i formated the partition the contained the old factory OS(W7 Home premium). y tried to delete the reserved partition but it was impossible to do so, ´cause the link was inactive. I´m afraid if that´s gonna be a problem for the new OS
2- THere are 2 recovery partitions, one named REcover and one named Tools occupying 20 GB one and 8 the another. DO i delete those too?
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  1. Go ahead and install Windows 8 if you want to. After Win 8 is installed, go to Control Panel and select Disk Management. From here you can shrink partitions or delete them as desired. This is what I did.

    Don't for get to make backups before you do anything!
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