Cant find local area connection

Hello,i have xp pro sp3 i also connect thru fios since i restarted my computer last evening i can't connect this computer was put together for me so no original disks under network connections there is no lan connection can't use system restore tried ipconfig but says internal error and thats all when i try safe mode i see all of the network adapters but i don't see it in regular boot i have no idea what to do crying here help somebody
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  2. a few things i guess you could try.

    #1 if you know the brand and model of the network adapter in the system you can look it up online and get any drivers that would have come on a disk with a new PC.

    #2 you could try setting up the connection manually
  3. I'm pretty sure the NIC drivers aren't installed.
    That or the NIC is dead... Make sure you can see it in the device manager. If its not installed, it will show up as "Ethernet controller" under other devices...
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