HD 5770 and 5750 crossfire

Just got these two cards all set up in my machine and now im having some issues with getting them to work in-game. I mainly play SWTOR and Battlefield 3, but neither of these games are really pushing my second card to the limits. I am using multiple hardware monitors (CCC, MSI Afterburner, and GPU-z) to see the temps and core usage. Card 1 is at 100% and Card 2 usually sits at 0 but might jump up to 14% every minute or so. Im still getting poor performance on max graphics on both games. From what I have read, both games should utilize crossfire, with the latest drivers and profiles. I can't seem to fix this issue.

Any ideas?
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  1. ive tried the 12.6 and 12.7 beta drivers.
    Yes, I have a crossfire bridge
    Yes, Crossfire is enabled
    I have some random Ultra 650w psu
  2. also installed the profiles
  3. i7 2600k
    Asus p868 v-le
    Main monitor is 1920x1080 and the second monitor is 1280x1024
    8gb Ram 1333mhz
  4. I just switched the two cards (5750 now on top) and the 5770 is showing 0%. Since im running at 4x on one card does that explain why whatever card on the second slot isnt even ramping up in any of my games?
  5. Finally got it to work. Im getting twice the performance in the Unigene Heaven benchmark. Seems good enough to me
  6. 5750 is top card with stock clocks
    5770 on bottom (obviously) clocked down to 5750 speeds
    Changed some setting in bios that said something like 16x/4x

    Booted up and went from AVG. 30fps to AVG 65fps.

    Sounds like a deal to me
  7. Correct. BUT, I just switched them back and clocked the 5750 UP to the 5770, making the benchmark crash. So no im tweaking the clocks to get the best performance. I figured that I better have the better card as the main one so that when I play a game that isn't CF supported that im getting the best performance.
  8. Well, I had the 5770 in the 4x slot when I got it to work for the first time, then once I got the magic trick, I switched them back.
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