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my current system :
i5 2400
intel h61
gtx 670
cooler master 600W psu
ocz agility 3 120 gb
500gb hdd

i play battlefield mostly at 1080p monitor but with single 670 i get a lot of fps drops in big maps....i want atleast fps>45....should i grab another 670 or wait for better drivers or change anything in my current system ?
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  1. I reccomend a 700w or 750w psu for sli configurations. I am surprised that the 670 wasn't able to achive those framerates. How much ram do you have and what version of windows. 64 bit or 32 bit.
  2. you cant SLI on that motherboard

    If you want a second GTX 670 you will have to replace mb , power supply and probably a new copy of windows

    Turn AA down a couple of notches and AF down too and see if thats an acceptable compromise
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