HAF 912 or Antec 302?

I am not too sure if it is worth paying the extra to get the HAF 912 over the Antec 302.

302 is $89 inc shipping -

HAF 912 is $131 inc shipping -

In that case (no pun intended), would it be worth getting the HAF over the 302?

The reason i wanted to get the HAF 912 is because it can have 2x 200mm fans, plus removable HDD cages.

I am using a stock intel heatsink, mATX mobo and 7870 GHz gpu.
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  1. the Antec is good enough.
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    For that price difference the Antec is the better buy but it does not allow you to do the mods you can with the HAF912. Really only you can answer the question but the Antec 302 is a good quality case.
  3. I have a Cooler Master HAF 932 case and have had it for more than a year. I like the case and the removable HDD cages. Installing the components was a breeze. I highly recommend the HAF cases.
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