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Hello,my computer is used for gaming im looking for a gpu upgrade from my current gtx 275 mb 790i ultra cpu e8600 hd velocy raptor 6 gig ddr3 ram os windows 7 64bit i only play wow so i dont need to over kill gpu but would like better performance budget $250
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  1. Radeon 7850.

    You'd also want to overlock!
  2. It depends on the resolution you game at... ?
  3. Also, what PSU do you have?
  4. for 250? a GTX 560 ti 448 core or a GTX 480
  5. I'd opt for the 560ti as I have a buddy that has that card and he can play all of the latest games with no issues.

    If noise and size of the card is an issue to you, you definitely want the 560ti as its smaller than any other card you can buy with that performance range at that price.

    If size and noise is no issue, then the 480 can be a viable option.
  6. thankyou for all the replies my psu is 750 watt and current fps is 60 lat 360
  7. lat 360?
  8. sorry for the confusion lat = latency 360
  9. He asked you for the resolution of your screen, not your ping.
  10. Rise and Shine said:
    He asked you for the resolution of your screen, not your ping.

    Exactly, Since when does ping become a major factor in video cards...
  11. The power level of graphics card you need depends on the resolution of your monitor. The higher the resolution, the more graphics power you need.
  12. My friend just got a GTX 480 and his computer actually became quieter, coming from an xfx 8800gt. Heck my GTX 670 gets pretty loud under load even though it doesn't use that much power.
  13. Sounds like the fan profiles are louder for your 670
  14. The only time I hear my 2 GTX 570s is when I run Furmark. They may get louder during intense gaming... but who listens for their fans at a time like that ;)
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