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I want to build a GPU test machine to learn more about OpenCL and CUDA, but they specialize in different Graphic card manufactures. Is it possible to put both an AMD Radeon and an NVidia GTX base card both on the same computer, each driving a separate monitor?

Does anyone have a recommendation on which setup would be better, openCL or CUDA? I figured I would pick 1 as the primary, and have it be more powerful, and get the other type for testing with, but not as powerful.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. it is possible to run both amd and nvidia in the same rig depending on your Mobo. keep in mind though that with any GPU crossfire/SLI it will only work as fast as your slowest card.

    read here for more details
  2. i would still go single card then swap for testing. that will allow full performance on one card and alllow you to go cheap on the other.
  3. Actually, Nvidia cards support openCL too. So by getting an Nvidia card you could have both of these technologies.
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