Too Much Case?

Is there such a thing? My lady's old man has a gaming tower that he purchased from CyberPower circa 2008. The motherboard (MSI P7N SLI) tanked on him a while back. CyberPower told him to pull the GPU and HDD and buy a new setup. This is not an option for him so I am getting him back up and running. I picked up a new MSI P45 Platinum to drop into the case. He was running Vista (bit undetermined), 4 GB DDR2, Palit GTX 260, 3.16 Ghz Core 2 Duo, Asetek CPU cooler (can't tell the model, copper cool plate), and an Ultra LSP 750w PSU. Additionally 2 DVD drives, 1 port bank, and a single HDD. All of this is mounted inside a Cosmos S. Working on this thing this past week I feel like he has a bicycle parked in an airplane hanger. This full ATX case is just massive on the inside and he has nothing in it. I was considering moving his equipment over to a mid-ATX case.

I am installing the MSI P45 Platinum, Win7 64-bit, & 16 GB DDR2. Some older tech I know, but this is just to bring him slightly into the future without breaking his wallet. I'm looking at moving everything over to a CM Scout II.

Thoughts, opinions?
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  1. So CM Scout II, Scythe Kaze Master Pro Ace, and Asus DRW-24 enroute. You guys talked me into it.
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