My PC turning off when playing high resolution games

I have ATI radeon HD 5570, AMD Athlon (tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20 GHz, Real power power supply 450 W, 6 GB RAM memory, OS Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate, MB NFORCE4M v3.0, HDD 200GB + 200GB in RAID connection

As i said in the title my pc i driving my nuts, because i never had this problems with my old old graphic card GF 5800 512mb. Yes i had lower performance but it never shut down it self on it own. Also when i had my old graphic card the starting of my PC was much faster, where with my new card i have a pyre black screen for about 1min where not even my monitor is reacting. I only hear my coolers starting to work. Now about the annoying problem it only does this when the temperature in my room is above 25°C or higher.

Pls help me ASAP, give me some solutions for my problem

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  1. Try cleaning your GPU with a can of compressed air. It may be overheating, so try downloading a GPU temp monitoring software.
    You should specify the model of the power supply and/or link it here. Maybe it's generic, thus , it's causing damage to your components.
  2. My power supply is gembird. And yes i have cleaned my gpu and its still driving me nuts.
  3. The problem is most likely the PSU.
  4. Yes thanks for helping me so far but i have one more question way is this happening only when the weather is much hotter for example today the temperature in my room is 25°C where tomorrow it was 30°C and more?

  5. Like Finneous said, the problem is probably the PSU. I'd get a new one ASAP.
    Still, you should link us the exact PSU you have.
    It's probably generic, therefore, it has none of the basic protections.
    It could also be, that your PSU is just not made for handling graphics cards, even if they don't consume much. That's why your monitor shuts down. It's the GPU resetting itself due to heat. Also squeezing the PSU.

    BTW: The temperature difference should be higher in order to affect the performance of your computer. And if you have cooling fans, that possibility is off the table.
  6. Here is the link from my PSU
    I rely respect your help this far THANKS
  7. Ooh, that is generic to the point of not even having a name. I would replace that thing immediately.

    Also check if the GPU temperatures are too hot. Download a program like MSI Afterburner and use it to see what temperatures it gets to under idle and load. If its getting above 80c, that could be why its failing.
  8. That PSU is junk.
  9. Whats your opinion what kind of PSU should i get for my configuration?

    Thanks to all of you gays you helped me a lot solving my problem :)
  10. For example Corsair 500W, depends on what you have available of course.
  11. Check Antec power supplies. They are not expensive and they are one of the best out there.
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