Core 2 duo e8400 gaming performance..

my rig is this :
pentium dual core e5500@2.8 GHz
3 gb ram 1333
ati radeon hd 6770
i was not getting enough fps in many modern games ...i asked Qs in many forums & the result was that they Say 'CPU IS BOTTLENECKING THE GPU'
so i wanna buy a new processor socket is lga 775 so can't buy any i5 /i3 /i7 /gxxx etc..tried to buy the core 2 quad but they're costly & i don't have much of that budget.
so i finally got my eyes on a cheap C2d e8400..
it runs at 3 GHz & 6mb cache...
so should i buy this ...would this be much of that should i buy it..
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    At this point, I would recommend saving your money and investing in a new modern CPU and motherboard. LGA 775 is a dead end at this point, and as you discovered, the quad core CPUs for that platform are selling for ridiculously inflated prices. The E8400 is not going to be much faster than what you have now. You get an extra 200MHz clockspeed, and more L3 cache, the extra cache won't really help you with games, and a 200MHz boost is nothing to really write home about. To get a really worthwhile upgrade for your CPU, you really should be looking at an i3 at minimum, or a high clocked Core 2 Quad at the very least.
  2. Yes save money and get new cpu +mobo.lga 775 is in at end of life.
  3. so even this one sucks...
    ok..I'll buy a new mobo+cpu in future..
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