Need help on dual Xeon e5 After Effects Machine...

I need help with a custom 12 core xeon e5 build. I need maximum cpu speeds and no less than 64gb's of memory for rendering power (I assume ECC memory?)

I have a budget of around $4,500 and was wanting a list of what this community thought of the best components. The only thing I kinna want is a good GPU for gaming assuming I might have a little free time :)

I haven't built a PC since college (4 years ago) and haven't kept up with all the latest tech. Any help would be awesome and I VERY much appreciate it!
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    About the GPU for gaming. If you're building a workstation PC, you'll need workstation cards. But, they're terrible for gaming. With gaming cards, they're terrible for video editing and such. It's a tradeoff. ECC memory isn't needed. I'd say 64GB of 1600MHz is enough.
  2. I generally don't use the GPU in After Effects for rendering as it causes unwanted artifacts sometimes. I'm ok with gaining a few rounds of Battlefield 3 and lose an hour or two on rendering (not to mention saving $500) and just spring for the gaming card rather than the quaddro etc.

    What is the main selling point of ECC compared to regular ram (most of the Mac tower workstations I use currently use it).
  3. ECC RAM has error-checking so it's stable and reliable, but costs a lot more. You could get a 690 or 3x 680's for your build.
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