GTX 560 Ti with 500w psu

Hi, I have a 500w cooler master psu which has two 12v rails at 18amps each. Will it still power my pc if i throw in a gtx 560 ti 384 cuda cores ?

Specs : 8gb 800mhz ddr2 kingston ram
intel c2q Q8200 2.33ghz ( 95w )
basic LGA775 asus motherboard
2 120mm fans

here's the psu specs in details if you want :

i understand that the psu has only 1 6pin pcie connector, but i intend to use those molex to pcie adapters.
Is it fine? or am i pushing my luck a bit too much?

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  1. Cooler master extreme is a crap PSU. i strongly suggest u get some reputed PSU
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    considering the extreme power plus series are known to be horrible, it only has one 6 pin, it operates out of the ATX spec when pulling over 400W, it has horrible efficiency AND its only rated for 360W on the 12V rail which is probably not enough, I would absolutely replace it. you might get away with it. or it might go poof and take your system with it.
  3. only reason why i would sugest not doing so is because:

    1. Failed the HardCP test
    2. According to this, the total wattage in total that the rails can handle is a total of 360w then you calculate aging and temperature, which is higher because its less efficient. the unit itself doesn't have active pfc
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