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I've been at research for a while now, but I want to get some opinions/experiences, to help me decide. Which single card solution would be the best for triple monitor gaming? Can be AMD or Nvidia. But must be under $500. The most graphics intensive game I play is BF3 currently. I currently have 2 560 ti's but they stutter in BF3 in surround due to vram limitations, I assume.
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  1. I generally lean nVidia, but I think AMD has had a lead with their Eyefinity drivers for quite awhile and the 7970 seems to scale better to high resolutions than the 600 series, so for a triple monitor, I'd say 7970.
  2. 7970 or GTX 690
  3. I have heard that 4gb of vram on a 256bit ram bus is no better than 2gb. Thoughts?
  4. Heard that too but haven't seen proof. Still, there's nothing wrong with 3GB 7970, a good cooler, and a reasonable overclock if necessary.
  5. I run 3 monitors with a 670 2 GB. It runs BF3 very well with AA off.,3162-5.html
    -- 680 benchmarks, 670 will be a few frames less.
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm currently torn between the 670 and the 7970. I'm leaning more towards the 7970 because of the extra vram in case I want to add AA in BF3.

    Keep up with the suggestions, though, my mind still isn't made up yet.
  7. Another question: If I were to eventually SLI 2gb 670's would I still run into vram errors in BF3 when I max the AA in surround mode, like the single cards do?
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    I've never had a vram error with AA on, it just slows down the framerate. SLI 670s will give around 50+ fps in ultra 4x MSAA, and 75+fps with no AA.,3162-5.html

    The 670 gets about 95% of the performance of a 680.
  9. Thanks, its settled then, I'll be getting a 2gb 670 as soon as I get the money, then SLI later on. Now, anyone want my 560 ti's? lol, jk.

    Thanks everyone for your help! everyone on tomshardware is always a big help :)
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