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3770k @ 4.6

So i have been playing around with my CPU to try to reach the lowest voltage to sustain 4.6ghz. So far i am at 1.190v doing 20 passes of IBT. My main question is i am experiencing this vdroop issue. At one point during the IBT my vcore was at 1160v. How extreme of a issue is this and what can i do to eliminate?

Note: I will continue to tweak till i get optimal voltage settings followed by a 12 hour Prime95 test.

Took some Photos:

Vdroop during IBT:
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  1. how have you configured your C states?
  2. I have a Asus Maximus V Formula. So what ever the default setting is. I have not touched any of the CPU power management controls.
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    please refer to this as you tweak along:
    most people have stable 4.4 @ 1.22Volts so it does seem that for 4.6, 1.19 may be undervolting it a bit too much but i dont understand the voltage droop.
    i'll request the mods to move your post to Overclocking section and the experts there might know the reason.
    good luck
  4. If it's stable don't worry
  5. Thanks satyamdubey. I have seen a couple of threads about 3770k's achieving 4.6 @ 1.18v stable. From what i read i might be a lucky one with an amazing chip. I still having done a 12 Hour Stability test yet though so i cant say for sure how stable it is running. So far i have tested it 10 loops IBT on Maximum and 20 loops on both standard and Very High.
  6. you are welcome :)
    glad "Finn" could join us...he knows way more and i'll just side with him. if its running stable like you say then i guess you are okay and not need to be bothered by that voltage drop.

    good luck
  7. Thanks, I will continue to see how low i can take it before it errors out. When i get home from work i will follow that thread you sent me and make sure my settings match. Also what is your guys opinion on offset mode. I hear better at lower clocks.
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