RAM is hitting 100%, possible corrupt file?

Hey guys,

I've got a problem with my filing system on Windows 7.

I dont know how common this problem is so i shall explain what happened first.
I downloaded a .mkv file, which i saved into my downloads folder. Whenever i clicked into the folder where the file was stored my RAM automatically goes wild and hits 100% causing me to have to restart to do anything. I used to simply be able to avoid the folder and it would be fine, today i downloaded a picture and placed it also in my downloads folder. I am now experiancing the same problem whenever i so much as view the Downloads folder, even just hovering over the downloads folder without enterring is enough to make the RAM go wild.

It will not let me delete the folder containing the movie, or the picture. It simply says its busy gathering the required data to delete it and after 10 second the RAM is at 100% and its too late. My best guess is that the files are corrupt. So i ran TuneUp's Disc Doctor to scan the whole hard drive, it came back as clean, after defragging and cleaning up the registry, running virus scans and all the other features which TuneUp has i am still no closer to solving this.

There is important data stored within the download folder which i would prefer not to lose.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,
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  1. Hi :)

    Safe mode and try and delete the file that way...if no go...try UNLOCKER.. i have never seen a file that wouldnt delete...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Try killing it in safe mode.

    Whats probably happening is Windows Movie Viewer [or some other simmilar software] is attempting to give you a preview of the file, and crapping out midway through. As a result, the application basically eats RAM up like nothing else. You *might* be able to kill the offending process through Task Manager though [look for which application has a very high RAM usage].
  3. These are all good suggestions. I would try going into safe mode. Come on boys!. Were gonna go kill......A file:). If that doesnt work try doing like gamerk said go to task manager and view what is using so much ram. end the process and quickly go back to the downloads folder and dragg it to trash bin.
  4. Delete the file in command prompt.
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