Hi, i think about upgrading my desktop

Hello :hello:

I'm thinking about upgrading my desktop or maybe build one if it's not worth it or not upgradable.

Now, I'm using Hp desktop p6777c model which I bought from Costco.


motherboard: H-RS880-uATX (Aloe)

-Chipset: AMD 785G

-Memory sockets: 4 x DDR3

-Front side bus speeds: 5200 MT/s

-Processor socket: AM3

-Expansion Slots:

-1 PCI x16 slot for graphics card

-3 PCI x1 slots

-1 PCI Express x1 minicard slot

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 830 (2.8ghz)

Memory: 8GB

VGA: Radeon HD4200

It was my mistake to buy a package computer, back then I didn't think about playing games.

I know i have to change my power in order to upgrade GPU, but my question is that the compact size desktop

is still upgradable? If it's not possible, I'm thinking about build new one but i have no idea what I need and what to keep from

my current PC. I'm thinking about keep ram, hard-drive, CD-Rom from current desktop, but is my CPU will handle modern

games in high setting if i get fine GPUs like gt560ti or radeon6870?

I for got to mention this I'm going to play guild wars 2 and other upcoming games

I want the price low as possible!! please help.
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  1. i would imagine so, the phenoms are still capable cpus. So adding a 560 ti or 6870 would give you a lot of performance.
  2. although before you buy the card make sure it can actually fit that case, as well as the new psu
  3. thank you for the reply

    As i mentioned in my thread, is it possible to upgrade compact(package) size desktop??

    Do you think i should just buy mid- tower case and build new one with current CPU,Ram,CD-Rom?

    What about motherboard?? i have no Idea this mother board can fit to those good graphic cards should i buy one too?
  4. You could just get a bigger case. A mid-tower will do the job. You can just take all the parts out of your old case and put them into your new case. But of a course a full tower will pretty much future-proof your PC in case you want bigger GPUs and such.
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