Need Urgent Help With PSU And GPU

Ok i need help on upgrading PSU and i am very limited to funds.
Right now my PC has shut down twice due to GPU overheating i believe. I read on another thread here about too low of a PSU can cause a GPU to overheat.

Computer Specs
Motherboard: DA078l Boxer (AM2 Version)
Memory: 2GB Transcend 800mhz
CPU: AMD 4850e
GPU: Geforce 8800 GT 512MB
DVD Burner
Sata Hard Drive WD 300gb
Current PSU 250watt<---------------Bad i know

I am looking at buy this from ebay cause its right at my price, Would this be good enough for my Build

If not please help me with something for around 30.00

And one last important Question since it shut down while playing WoW should i just set the Graphics settings to low would that help for now?
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  1. Hi. You can go with this one for $20 after rebate from Newegg but you must buy today.

    Corsair CX430

    Or you can get the 500W version for $30 after rebate if you want more for future upgrade.

    Corsair CX500
  2. A low wattage PSU will not cause overheating. You should replace it anyway though.
  3. Replacing the PSU will not help overheating but it will make your system more stable and be better in the long run.

    Use compressed air to clear out the dust from the case and GPU fans.

    If it's still bad then reapply the thermal paste to the card.
  4. According to this thread yes it can happen.
  5. Well, maybe, but it seems far fetched until I see real proof.
  6. Well also i dont really know if its overheating that is cause my issue, i would be playing wow and out of no where my PC will power off

    At idle while i am on here GPU is 52c
  7. I went out to staples and bought one, i bought this.

    And now it also fixed the issue of it not letting use all of my ram and the GPU is not running at 52c idle and now its running at 45c idle
  8. And have you stopped shutting down?
  9. Well no at first when i made that last post it was running good, then while playing wow pc shut off again. so i went an check the chipset heatsink and it was burning hot. so took it off cleaned it up and put new artic silver on it and put a tiny fan on it, and now its running fine after hours of gaming
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