Ideas for How to Seal/Close Cooler Master Elite 120 PSU Slot

I recently purchased the Cooler Master Elite 120 case for my new Mini-ITX build not realizing that the motherboard I purchased uses a 90W DC Power Brick instead of a 24 pin connector. I was looking for some ideas on how I could close the open area for the PSU on the back of the case?

At 4:55 this YouTube video shows this cases large opening when a PSU isn't mounted and it should help with any confusion of what I'm trying to close up.

I was thinking of doing the obvious and getting a 7" x 5" rectangle of sheet metal and drilling holes and using bolts but I don't know of any local places where I can purchase a small amount of sheet metal. I also think it would be cool if I could figure out an easy way to turn it into a cubby hole to store USB drives and possibly remotes, I've never really made something like that before though and don't have any ideas.
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  1. I think I might find and cut out an old air filter and attach it to the back so that it allows more airflow in the case. Would love to hear other thoughts.
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