Seeking advice on new system

Hi everyone i wanna build a new PC. Although i had buy some computers before i have little experience on building a system
This are the parts i decided on an they are kinda at my budget limit.
Some parts are cheap so i'm not sure if i made the right choices or i screwed big time.
I want to use the system for gaming an would want to play most of the games out there at high details.

I never done OC but i will probably try it.
Upgrades i can do later(in the following years) would be
-cooling system
-use crossfire with the mentioned video card(probably will need a new motherboard then since although it does has crossfire don't think it's supports this particular setup)

I'm interested if
-everything fits together well(chassis is big enough, parts are compatible),
-what is the bottleneck of this system(what i need to upgrade first)
-all of this will be ordered online so would i have all the "building parts"?(cables, screws..)
-well, any other advice

Intel Core i7-3770K IvyBridge 3.5 GHz box or i7-3770 (don't think i need to link these)
if i get 3770 i could afford a better motherboard

AeroCool VS-4 Window chassis

power supply

AsRocK P67 Pro3 SE Socket 1155 motherboard

HDD WD Caviar Blue LX 1TB SATA3 32MB 7200rpm

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD6870 1GB DDR5 256bit PCIe

2X DDR3-1600 CL9 240-Pin DIMM Kit 1600 for a total of 16gb
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  1. You don't need 16gb of ram or the i7 for gaming. This build would be better for gaming. You didn't say what you price range is but this should be close to what you had.

    cpu i5 3570k

    mobo asrock z77 extreme 4

    psu corsair tx750

    gpu msi 7870 hawk

    ram g.skill ares 8gb 1600

    hdd wd caviar blue 1tb

    case cm storm enforcer

    I guess you already have a optical drive and OS. Everything should come with their cables and screws.

    If you need to cut more get a 500w corsair or antec psu. You could also get a asrock z77 pro4 and cheaper case to save some.
  2. the reason i didn't say about price range is that i'm thinking of buying it from an online vendor in my country

    the price range would be around 1000$ or £625. Under is better since i have to buy a monitor to, but that is another issue.

    you almost tripled the cost for case+ psu
    doubled the gpu

    if i keep case + psu chose by me it's still over my budget. but manageable since my price range isn't that fixed

    will research your suggestion more detailed when i get home from my job an post here. Maybe i can get lower.

    Ty for your help
  3. Go for the unlocked processor, the price difference is negligible but the performance difference can be huge (with adequate cooling).

    How much space are you taking up on your current drive? If storage capacity isn't an issue, go for an SSD. They've been dropping in price quite a bit recently, and the performance difference is gigantic.
  4. 16GB of 1600MHz is a little overkill too, in my opinion, as well as the 3770K. You could either upgrade the GPU or downgrade your CPU, depending on what you plan on using your system for.
  5. You can save some and get about the same performace just won't be able to crossfire with this psu.

    mobo asrock z77 pro 4

    psu xfx 550w

    If the case you picked has a good price you can go with it but you don't want to get a bad psu. I'm not saying the one you picked is bad I just don't know it and I do know the xfx 550w is good.
  6. ok after checking some prices here is what i came up with:

    MOBO asrock z77 pro 4 [...] tml?src=15

    CPU Intel Core i5-3570K IvyBridge 3.4 GHz box

    GPU sapphire 7870(cheaper than msi ,sales or something :D)

    PSU Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-520 520W
    OR Antec Basiq Power 550W
    OR OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W
    OR OCZ ZS Series 650W
    (xfx 550w isn't on stock or something)

    RAM seems G.SKill doesn't sale in my country. What's wrong with my choice?
    Kingmax DDR3-1600 CL9 240-Pin DIMM Kit 1600

    HDD wd caviar blue
    OR HDD Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA3 32MB 7200rpm (cheaper an don't know if hdd matters at this point)
    From what i read SSD don't improve game performance. Only loading time and most games are trying to eliminate even those. And i play a little of a lot of online games(on an off). So i don't want low space.

    CASE AZZA Triton 401
    OR Segotep C2R
    OR Segotep C2D (anyone heard of this? can't realy find something usefull)
    OR AeroCool VS-4 Window chassis (looks ok, but may not have enough space)

    another idea is to get asrock z77 extreme 4 and Sapphire AMD Radeon HD6870. And i'll buy another one in a few months for crossfire (but i don't know if 2 6870 are better than 7870)
  7. Out of the psu you listed I'd get the antec basiq 550w. I like wd more than seagate but either should be ok. For a case you could go with the segotap c2r or the aerocool vs-4 they both look ok and will have more than enough space. Yes two 6870 would be better than a 7870 but I think it would be better to get the asrock z77 pro 4 and the 7870 then save for 6 months or so and get another 7870. The 7870 should be going strong for years the 6870 not so much.
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