Simulation Gaming, i5-3570K good enough?


I am building a computer for gaming purposes and am looking at getting an i5-3570K. Most of my games are simulation games such as flight simulator and truck simulator, I would like to run them on high or ultra. I was going to get an i7-3770K but due to finances I can no longer afford it. I may do some video editing and creating and may overclock depending on the performance I get out of it. I was wondering if the 3750K would still provide a good amount of performance for games and would not be too much worse than the 3770K.

I plan to have a Sapphire HD 7770 video card.

Thanks for the help

Isaac :)
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  1. Yes, it will. Your GPU is more important and while the HD7770 is a brilliant card in its segment it's not one for ultra settings.
  2. The i5 is pretty much exactly the same in gaming terms. I can't think of a game that benefited from an i7.

    Video rendering would be better on an i7 but to be honest it's your gpu that will hold you back
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