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Any of you guys have this case? Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    I do have that case and I like it. I've modded mine a bit so it no longer qualifies as a $50 case though. My only complaint is cable management but cases at the price point of the Challenger tend to have limited cable management options. There is space behind the motherboard, enough to get a 24 pin cable behind it (barely) so it isn't as though there is no cable management, it's just a bit tricky. I like the look of it when I had 2 additional led fans on the side panel. My opinion here is that it is one of the best cases at the price
    There is also a version of the case with USB 3.0 headers, the Challenger U3 which is a little more expensive but if you have a 19 pin USB 3.0 header on your motherboard, it's a good option.
    Let me know if there is anything specific I haven't covered
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