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So about two years ago I purchased a computer from iBuyPower, aside from all the problems I had with the actual purchase the computer worked relatively well. I've recently been having some cooling problems with my video cards getting too hot so I purched a new case and a self contained water cooling fan. I disassembled my old computer, took all of the cords and componants out of the old tower and placed them into the new tower. After having spent several hours doing this, I finally finished only to have it not power on when I plugged it in. I have a AXP 1000 watt power supply, an intel core i7, 2 285 GTX graphics cards as well as 2TB hard drives. Currently when the computer is plugged into a wall the power button on the mother board is green and lit (msi x58 pro-e). However, the fans don't turn on the drives don't spin up even the fan in the power supply doesn't move. HELP!
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  1. This is a good checklist. Post if it fails to help.

    Standard debugging is to pull parts until your system posts. Disconnect all external wires (sub, nmetwork, monitor etc.) Does it POST? No, pull all CPIe cards. Does it POST (e.g. does it beep no video)? No pull all disk power leads and signal cables. POST? No Pull all memory? When you get down to PSU, CPU and MB pull the MB from teh case (to get rid of wires shorting due to bad standoffs,etc) If CPU, MB and PSU cant post then swap PSU first, replace MB second, swap CPU third.
  2. Maybe you wired the front panel connectors wrong. Take a screw driver and short the 2 power screws(basically have the screw driver touch both of them at once for about a second and it should boot up. Those are the two pins you want your front panel power switch should be plugged into.
    If you have trouble locating these two screws let me know or if you have already ruled this out.
    Best of luck!
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