Please help me put out my fire ....

Case Thermaltake chaser mk-1
Processor: intel i7 3770k
PSU : Antec High Current Gaming 750w

Ram: Hoping to put in 16GB fast ram
Graphics: Asus Nvidia 660ti OC 2GB x 2
HDD 1: 7200rpm 1TB drive
HDD 2 : SSD Corsair 256GB
Optical: Bluray Writer drive
(writer so i can burn 3d movies form my sony handycam)

So I need a CPU cooler cause i plan on over-clocking ...

My issue is The CPU COOLER obstructing my motherboard's ram slot (NOTE ITS THE DELUXE)
motherboard : Asus P877-v-deluxe
Here are my choices:

1. Coolmaster HYPER 212 EVO Cooler
2. Coolmaster HYPER 612 Cooler ?

Will the HYPE 612 fit on my motherboard ... without blocking the ram slot ??

ps: the ram i'll be using is GSKILL TRIDENT-X 16GB @ 2400

Any help much appreciated
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  1. Have you bought this system already? There's a lot to tweak.
  2. no i havent except for the case and the PSU and mobo ...

    Please tell me your refinements
  3. Change your Proc to an i5, Get a caviar black 1tb drive, Get a asus DCUII gtx 670.

    Get a hyper 212 but get something like corsair vengeance Low profile ram. The Big heatspreaders dont do much and a lot of coolers tend to be big and block ram slots.
  4. Also only 1600 ram is needed. I have yet to a see a benchmark where fast ram makes any difference.
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