New Palit GTX 670

Hi all, yesterday i got a brand new system and everything is fine i think or am i just being paranoid?

My problem is the graphics card temps, while gaming under the default fan settings the temps reach 85 degrees and the fan is only working at 60-65%

I've played around with custom fan settings in MSI afterburner and if i set the fan to 70% the temps max out at around 70-75 degrees something i feel more comfortable with.

Could anyone here with some knowledge either tell me yes i should be worried or am i fine with leaving the fan at 70% while gaming?

Please help :)
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  1. No you don't have to worry about anything. It's completely normal temps at load.

    Anyway, are you using the reference version or the Jetstream version? If the ref it's completely normal, but if the Jestream, there's something wrong.
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