VGA Upgrade


i am intrested in upgrading my graphic card

my system consists of:
motherboard striker 2 extreme
memory 4Gb corsair xms3 1333Mh
cpu 775 quad core 9550 2.83Mh
gpu ati radeon 4870 512k
psu gs800 corsair 800w

and i m itrested to know the difference between gtx 460 and gtx 560 ti
or anything that would mach

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  1. the 7850 would be preferrable. what is your resolution and budget
  2. 1920χ1080 is the resolution and i want to give less than 200 euros
  3. and i prefer Nvidia
  4. you can prefer nvidia all you want but that wont change the fact that AMD makes a superior card for the price and nvidia can't produce a 660 or 650 LOL.

    The 560Ti is decent but is last Gen, and uses more power/is slower than a 7850.

    A GTX460 is 30-40% slower than a 560Ti
  5. thank you very much
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