Amd driver has stopped working and successfully recovered

Last week my PC has started to freeze-recover from every game I've played so I decided to run 3D Mark 2011. At the second test screen froze and when I got back to desktop I got this error. This screenshot explains it all.. Its Turkish so the bubble down there means "Amd driver has stopped working and successfully recovered." This happens to every game I play (The Secret World, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, SWTOR, Max Payne 3, Mass Effect 3). Ive been fighting with this over a week and the steps I've taken so far:

- Formatted Windows and clean installed everything with latest drivers,
- Changed my PSU (upgraded from 650W to 850W),
- Send my ATI ASUS HD6970 to tech support and they've changed the processor (it came back yesterday),
- BIOS updated,
- Memtestx86 for testing RAM - no error
- CheckDisk both of my SSD and HDD - nothing,
- Tried 12.4, 12.6 beta and 12.6 full release drivers,
- Uninstalled Intel HD drivers incase there is a conflict,
- Increased every fan in my PC to see if its overheating,
- No overcloak made since the day I purchased my PC.

Only time I played my games flawlessly is the time I played the games with my onboard Intel HD3000 chip. I just got my 6970 back, I plugged in and the moment I start gaming it again froze and crash. My system spec;

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
Intel i7 2600K 3.4Ghz 8MB cache
Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z
Asus ATI Radeon HD6970 2GB
G-Skill (2x2) 4GB 2133MHZ DDR 3
120 GB Kingston SSD + 1TB WD HDD
SeaSonic 850W M12II-850Bronze PSU
Thermaltake BWS6000 Armor High Tower
Logitech G19 keyboard and G700 mouse
27` LED Philips 273E(LH) monitor
Logitech Z5500 5+1 sound system
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  1. sound like bad card, but since it had RMA-ed did u do clean install driver + app with this new card?

    Had u tried another pci-ex slot ?
  2. yes for both.. still not fixed... freezing seems to be less frequent now since I reduced the graphic settings of the game a bit and drawback the rams to 1600 mhz. but still it occurs and it really makes me feel bad cause I cant increase the settings although I have a good pc
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