Cant install graphics driver

my graphics card is a 5970 .when i install my drivers it shows its installing and finishes but then when i play a game like bf3 it says ive got 11.5 drivers .
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  1. Use the 12.7beta drivers... they are exceptional drivers.

    1) Download Driver Sweeper here.
    2) Download Catalyst 12.7beta drivers here but don't install.
    3) Custom uninstall AMD software through the "Control Panel" and select everything and reboot.
    4) Run Driver Sweeper and clean AMD drivers and reboot.
    5) Re-install CCC and reboot.

    6) CCC 12.7 CAP profile
  2. thanks , im not sure why i had to do all that, on my older graphics card i just installed and it was done
  3. Where does it say you have 11.5 drivers? Run..."dxdiag" and look at the Display 1 tab.
  4. never mind , it still doesn't work
  5. it says it in amd vision control centre and when i start battlefield it says i should update to 11.7 .
  6. So, what does dxdiag say? There are two possibilities:

    1) You have the wrong graphics driver installed, in which case dxdiag will tell you.
    2) The game is wrong and thinks you have 11.5 because it doesn't recognize the new driver properly.

    What to do next depends on the answer to these two questions.
  7. 1) it doesnt say ive got the wrong driver
    2) it also shows up in gpu - z so its not the game.
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