Hey all! Few questions on PC Build.

Hey everyone,

You guys were so quick with all the answers last time and I've updated/tweaked/changed some of the components and because you guys know you're stuff I'm coming to you before I decide to spend all my money on a new gaming rig. The biggest question I have right now is will all these components be compatible with each other and will the motherboard I've chosen carry the load of all the components I've chosen to add to it? Thanks guys for your help!

I will be using this computer for gaming/streaming/video editing/heavy multitasking so that's why I've decided on the i7 (for future proofing reasons) and the 16g ram for the multi tasking. I know it looks overkill for just gaming, but I will be using it for video and multimedia purposes.

Case- NZXT Phantom ATX Full Tower

HDD- Hitachi GST 2tb HDD

Video Card- Zotac Amp! GTX670

Motherboard- Asus P8Z77-V LK

Processor- Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge 3770k

SSD- Crucial M4 128G

Power Supply- XFX Pro850

Ram- G.Skills Ripjaws X

Blu-Ray- Lite-On

Main Monitor- Asus 24"

Secondary Monitor- Refurb Acer 20"

I will be running windows 7 home premium as my Operating system. I know this is a lot of info for you guys to actually check for me on but it will be greatly appreciated to help me pick up my dream gaming rig. Mostly wondering about the motherboard being a choke point.
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  1. Zotac isn't the best OEM. Get MSI, ASUS, GB, or XFX. For gaming, the i7's potential is wasted. Get the i5-3570K. 850w is way too much. 650w is enough. 16GB is also too much for gaming. Get 8GB. Invest in a better non-refurb monitor.
  2. I'm planning on getting a second video card and the 16g ram is for all the multi tasking I want to be doing with the gaming/video editing/etc.

    -Is the 650 going to be able to handle 2 cards later on?
    -I chose the i7 because I want to be completely safe for the next generation stuff coming out. I'd rather spend the extra 100 or so and get the i7 and still be at the top next year when it comes to processors.

    Thanks for your patience and helpful responses.
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    Should have mentioned that. Stick with the i7+16GB but get a 750w which will be enough for 2x 670's.
  4. Yup, totally thought I did then reread it. Editing now. Is that motherboard a solid choice or will it be the "weak link" sorta?
  5. Not a weak link at all.
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