Are My Specs Good Enough For The BM Intensity Pro?? w/ Questions

Hello everyone,

I have been reading several threads and forums to find a computer spec that manages to run the BM Intensity Pro with ease.

So I'm also asking are my computer specs good enough for running this card I have;

Intel Core i5 2550k @ 3.4GHz (Processor)
8GB G.Skill RipJaws X @ 1600MHz (Another 8GB Upgrade) (RAM)
Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 (Mobo)
HIS Radeon HD4850 (Thinking Of Upgrading To a HD5770) (Graphics Card)
Gelid Tranquillo Rev.2 (CPU Cooler)
Corsair HX520W (PSU)
OCZ Agility 3 SSD (Boot Drive)
500GB 5200rpm (Second HDD)
80GB 7200rpm (Other Capture Card Recording Drive)

As above I'm thinking of investing in a HD5770 graphics card anyway and thinking of another 8GB RAM upgrade so I run with 16GB.

I also am thinking to get a SATA II SSD for the recording drive of the BlackMagic like a Kingston SSD so I just can capture the content with good write speeds and then cut over too another HDD, is this a good idea?

So the main question is are my specs above good enough to run the BM Intensity Pro without any problems??

Many regards,

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  1. In a word, Yes.

    Now if you plan on recording alot of video, you will need to raid them, or get a large SSD. I have this exact card too, FYI. The BM Intensity Pro makes very larger HD files when recording in H.2xx format. You might need to invest in bigger and faster drives to make recording easier. I have read that a 30min clip in HD will be in the 700mb-1.2gb range. BM does not compress the video for recording. BM has a disk speed test program that comes with the card to see if you can handle it with your current setup.

    FYI, I use mine for mainly streaming & clip recording. My PC has nearly the same specs as yours. I am however running a 530Ti though. On just streaming, I never get above 20% CPU usage on stock timings. I wouldn't worry about more ram, unless you are gonna be doing some HEAVY editing on this stuff.
  2. Hello,

    Apologies on this late reply just got back off holiday.

    Could I get a small SSD say 30GB do the recording then copy over to another HDD? Would that work? As I don't plan on recording for 30 mins straight maybe about 10 - 15 minutes at a time.

    Okay thankyou, I have just ordered another PSU as it was a good price and makes me future-proof for a while as well as another graphics card which is the HD5770.

    Going to be looking at some SSD's for this card too.

    Thank-you for your help.


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