CPU refuses to boot and just cycles.

Hello everyone.
I will begin with my specifications and go from there.
Case: unbranded ebay case.
PSU: ACE v2.3 (750w)
CPU: I5-3570K @ 3.4Ghz no oc w/ stock cooler
Graphics: Asus gtx 660
Windows 7 enterprise
Board: p67a-gd53 b3
Corsair 2x4gb 1600mhz ram

Im having a problem with it. I've checked the compatibility and its all fine.
I have this problem where my chip will power up, the cooler will spin slightly twice, do a full on spin for about 2 seconds then stop, the LEDs on the board lighting up, then it repeats.
Have done full troubleshooting, used the guide on here before posting. I fix computers as a job so I know I have set this up properly because am constantly stripping and rebuilding machines. This has me slumped. (And very upset)

Any ideas?
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  1. what about the BIOS update that p67's require before they can use an IVY bridge processor?
  2. joe, ivy bridges are compatible with b75 and z77 boards out of the box afaik. you have to use a sandy bridge cpu with your p67 mobo, updaate the BIOS for ivy support and then install the 3570K.

    good luck
  3. Thanks a lot mate, I am going to buy a sandy bridge i3 tonight for literally just this reason then I will return it to Amazon, I obviously didn't go into enough detail with the compatibility.
    Thanks again
  4. Which processor would you say I should get just to install this?
  5. i think any low end sandy would be good a pentium would suffice something like a G630 even a celeron though that may not have a good resale value.
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