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Recently I invested in a Gigabyte GTX 690, and as one could understand I was undeniably thrilled upon it's arrival. Though all good things seemingly come to an end, and in my case quite abruptly when I fired up multiple games with disappointing results.

Anyway, the problem I face is within the performance of the card as it seems to be running at 50% of it's supposed potential. Battlefield 3 for instance, I see frame-rates anywhere from 85fps to as low as 30fps with an average of around 55 - 65. Most would say, "How can you be complaining?" Well when you invest $1600AUD in a GPU after benchmarks claim 100fps+ averages across most games, Battlefield included it is disappointing to see such inconsistent and low frame rates, especially as my prior SLI GTX 570's were on par, if not faster than the "worlds fastest GPU".

Now, I am playing at 1080P at 120Hz with the latest 304.79 drivers and I have an i5 2500K @ 4.4GHz and a Coolermaster Silent Pro Hyrbid 850W PSU. I do not believe my PSU is at fault after effortlessly powering two 570's which consume far more power than a GTX 690.

Any suggestions as to why my 690 is running at what appears to be roughly half its potential?
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  1. are u using 1440p or 1080p?
  2. wtf noob lol said:
    are u using 1440p or 1080p?
    Currently a 1080P 3D monitor. Had the intentions of going triple screen, but now I'm hesitant as the frame rates are inconsistent across one screen.

    EDIT: No I am not playing in stereoscopic 3D when I measure my frame rates.
  3. I just bought a GTX690 and not getting the performance I'm looking for, or close to the reviews benchmarks. Like you said, I get the same frames in BF3 and when it comes to Crysis 2, forget it, my GTX590 blew it away. I'm thinking it's drivers and the card is too new, so we need to sit and wait for the drivers to be updated.

  4. I will assume you both are comparing your B3 multi-player sessions with the reviewer single-player benchmarks. It is well known that B3 is a CPU hog in many multi-player scenarios.

    Benchmark in a single player game and tell us what you get.
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