Decisions, Decisions!

Hey there everyone, I'm looking to build myself a new rig for my birthday.

So far, I've got everything, except the graphics, as per usual. :kaola:

So I don't want to spend any more than £200.

I don't care about upgrading in the future, or temps, or anything like that, I just want the best "bang for buck".

I've narrowed it down to:

Crossfiring 2, 2GB HD 6850's

A GTX 570 1280MB

A GTX 480 1536MB

And finnaly, an HD 7850 2GB.

Again, I don't care for aesthetics, temperatures or upgrade potential, I just want the card that gives me the best FPS overall.

I have done my research, but I can't decide between these 4 choices. Thanks! :D

Any other things which people suggest are appreciated, I am open to suggestion, I just want the best FPS I can get, and I think these 4 are the ones which give the best FPS per £!
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  1. If you really *only* care about fps, the 2 6850s will probably be fastest.
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply! I had that hunch too but I wasn't sure. Also, I forgot to mention I shall be running eyefinity across 3 monitors of 1440 x 900 each, so 4320 x 900 overall. Are they still the best then do you think? Also, I really do, *only* care about speed.
  3. The 6850 CF will give you the best fps.

    A comparison between the 6850 and 570 (add 80% to 6850 fps for approximate CF score)
  4. No, go with the 7850 for those 3 monitors, the 2gb of VRAM will help immensely. Or the 480.
  5. Thanks to all for replies. CF HD 6850's it is then.
  6. Think youll be disappointed with 2 6850s sharing 1 gb of VRAM for your multi monitors. It isnt 2gbs total. Physically it is, but that isnt how it works.
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