Seeking advice in troubleshooting PC powering off, CPU related?

Hello commuity, and good morning.

A few weeks back, my PC was powering off completely when I was usually in something intensive (Skyrim, Planetside 2) but it also shut off once when I was simply on my desktop. I pulled out my sticks of RAM and the issue had stopped for about two weeks.

Yesterday the issue started again. I went and did the same thing as before, removed my RAM and then switched their places. But this did not resolve the issue this time. So, starting with the idea that maybe the machine is getting to hot I downloaded Speedfan and monitored my GPU and CPU temps whilst playing Skyrim.

I am using a AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2GHZ CPU and right before my machine inevitably powered off, my CPU temp was at about 72c and my GPU at about 79, 80c. I know this is on the higher end, but enough to power the machine off? Thoughts?
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  1. 72C is quiet hot for 955. AMD bins its cpus for lower temps and TDP and although that actual temperature may not affect the cpu, the temp diode or other failsafes may trigger shutdowns. ideally it should be lower than 60C under load.

    first try blowing off any dust from heat sinks using either a set of powerful human lungs :) or can of compressed air. if temps improve, you are set.

    else, if this is an old system, you will benefit from re applying thermal compound. Clean off the old compound using isopropyl alcohol, or nail polish remover diluted to 90% with water. dab a piece of cloth in that solution and then clean off the compound.

    reapply new compound, arctic silver 5 and then install the heatsink on the processor.

    good luck
  2. Thanks for the reply, Stayam. This was going to be my next step, it good to know you think so as well. And advice on how I would measure the diluted nail polish remover and water? And is artic silver 5 the thermal grease?
  3. yes artic silver is thermal grease and quiet a popular one too. I made a mistake suggesting using nail polish remover. It is not recommended. isopropyl alcohol is recommended. use 9 parts of isopropyl alcohol with one part water. Dab a lint free cloth with that solution and take the grease off.
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