Photo editing app for my Win7 phone.PonyPhoto??

Hi, this is Kathrina.
I am finding a good photo editing app for my HD7, any good recommendations? How about PonyPhoto? I heard about this but not sure about it. Anypne know about it or have some other better apps?
Thanks in advance.

And I made my post in Windows XP forum last time and it was wrong. But I believe I get it right this time. Yes, What I'm searching for is an app for Windows 7 OS. Could anyone help me? Question as above.
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  1. hi,this is MelodyGuo
    recently I use ponyphoto,is a multi-purpose photo effect processing software designed for vast Windows Phone. It is different from the original photo tools, variety of adjustments and effects you could select for your photos. Manual or automatic adjustment for your photos such as filter effects, rotate, flip, colors, frames, collage, etc. With PonyPhoto, you could also convert several static photos to a dynamic photos/ video into as *.gif image format. Otherwise, PonyPhoto helps to share your edited photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr easily.
    i think you should have a try.
  2. hi ,this is fannychy
    the ponyphone is update in may and decide to free in whole may ,you can download it and try to play it ,maybe you will like it .
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