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I am planning to buy a new gaming PC; I like to play first person shooters and strategy games and am fed up with my old computer giving poor resolution, taking long to boot etc. Thus, I'm prepared to spend a substantial amount of my hard earned cash (already got my wife's permission :) ) to be able to have a big smile on my face when gaming. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to build one myself and when I check out sites online such as alienware, cybepower, maingear etc. i am overwhelmed by choices and struggle to decide what I need. I am hoping the forum can give me some advice as to where i should get my PC and what specs. i should choose.

Requirements for my system are:

- I'd like to play with 3 monitors at high FPS and max settings
- I move internationally frequently. Currently i'm in the US, but the PC i buy need to support 230V 50hz as well as 110V 60hz
- I don't want to upgrade for a while, but would like my system to be up-gradable
- I'd like my system to be quiet and maintenance free
- I need decent, international phone support and warranty
- I'm prepared to spend ~4000k, maybe a bit more to cover cost of 3 monitors if necessary.

Thank you in advance for any advice you are willing to share.


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  1. You don't have the skills???
    You are really selling yourself short. If a 10 yr. old could build a computer I am sure you can. Just take a couple hours researching how to build computers. The most help is watching how to videos.
    For 4k you can build an amazing rig to run 3 monitors. But with prebuilt machines the money flies from your pockets even faster and you will not get as much out of your hard earned cash.

    Just some food for thought...
  2. It would definitely be helpful to build your own PC, as prebuilt PC's will just waste your money.
    If you need a guide, here's a helpful one.
    As for a part list,

    EDIT: Sorry, didn't realize this was such an old post...
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