What is the best video card to pair with my amd phenom ii x4 965

My kids pc finally went out after 3 years.. And its not worth upgrading.. Decided on building them another respectable budget gaming pc. Took me a few weeks to catch upnwith whats new and finally bought these parts at really good prices...

Asustek mobo.. Asus M3A76-CM
For Memory.. 4GB Kingston DDR2-1066 (highest supported memory for the mobo)
CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE

All for $225 not bad... Im looking to pair them with the best Graphics Card I can get for no more than $150?? The mobo supports PCIe2.0.. Keep in mind aside from adding another 4 GB Im already at the max supported memory and CPU on the motherboard.. A few suggestions would be appreciated.. Thanks to everybody..
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  1. Im also using a 500 watt power supply..
  2. $150 max? AMD 6870. Great card for the price, and your system will be full AMD powered :)
  3. Lol.. I was leaning toward that card myself.. Love AMD.. Was just wondering if any of the Intel cards close to that cards price range were that much better.. Thank You
  4. sir intel doesnt make gfx cards only mobos cpus and ssds
    only nvidia and amd radeon make gfx cards
  5. If you want to keep right on your $150 max budget then I think the HD 7770 would be a good card.

    This one is currently on Newegg for $149.99 w/ FREE shipping and a $15 rebate which will eventually bring the price down to $134.99.

    The Vanilla HD 7770 trades blows with the HD 6850. HOWEVER this one is the GHz Edition which should make it faster than the HD 6850 in the majority of situations. Closer to HD 6870 speed with out the HD 6870 price. Plus it has the Vapor-X cooling built in to the heatsink.
  6. what 500w power supply do you have?
  7. HD 6870s are generally $20 to $30 over your price limit. The HD 6850 would stay within it. The HD 7770 is a good choice, but not quite as powerful than either of them. A budget choice I keep bringing up is a new "white box" OEM ASUS GTX 460 1GB. Its the preferred 256 bit version and trades blows with the HD 6850 (with a lot of overclocking headroom too).

    It only comes with a 90 day warranty being OEM, but you can add a three year Squaretrade warranty to if for another $18. A solid card for $128. I've had one for almost two years now and its served me quite well in gaming.
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    I have a phenom II x4 965 BE as well and I have it paired with an AMD HD 6870 and it runs great. However, it might be hard to find a 6870 in your budget (I got mine for $149.99 due to a deal however) but it is a good card in my opinion.
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