Hello guys what is better 650W Fortron RAIDER or Corsair Builder Serie

I can`t decide witch one of thiese psu i should get Corsair Builder Series™ CX600 V3 or 650W Fortron RAIDER . The system i`m building is
CPU: Ivy bridge i5 3570k
VGA: Gigabyte gtx 660 ti OC edition
RAM: 8 gb 1600 mhz kingston hyperx
MB: Asus P8Z77-M, Z77

And i cant decide what to get . Pls help me :) :bounce:
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  1. I would get the Corsair. I have never heard of Fortron. Even better if you could get a SeaSonic, Antec, XFX, or high quality Rosewill (80+ Bronze at least). 500-550W would do fine too.
  2. So both of the reviews are about Raider series one is for 750 the other for 650 w , and in the review of 650 they are actually recommend it ? so i`m kinda lost here i cant really follow what u are talking about ... or i just cant understand u:)
  3. It's usually a good brand of psus, that series "raider" has mixed reviews.
    That's what i pointed out, see what the cheapest of those two, probably will be the corsair cx600w, so get the coirsair, 500-600w is plenty for your setup, in fact if you can get the xfx 550w pro, it will be the best for you.
  4. +1 to the XFX 550W Core Edition.
    I run a similar and probably more power hungry set up on an XFX 450W Core Edition PSU.
  5. okay but the site where i`m going to buy my components doesent have XFX so they have 1st. 550WThermaltake Smart ActivePF, 2nd. Corsair Builder Series™ CX600 V3 and almost double the price this one - 600W, CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold (and the Fortron PSU-s) so thats why i`m wondering between this two ...
  6. I'd just get the CX600V3 then if you can't find a site with the XFX.
  7. okay ty for the help guys :) ill get the corsair then :) ty again !
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